Bell times

08.45 am   Children in class to prepare for day 08.55 am   Classes commence 10.50 am  Supervised morning tea 11.00 am   Release for interval 11.15 am   Classes resume 12.30 pm   Lunch break 1.15 pm   Return to class 1.20 pm   Classes resume 3.00 pm   End of day



Our school’s values drive our positive behaviour for learning programme.  All expected behaviors are taught in class and the school environment is monitored daily.  The data is then collected and any issues are attended to immediately. A number of staff are trained in restorative practices. We have senior pupils trained as peer mediators who assist duty teachers.  


Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees: Chairperson: Nigel Ellis Deputy Chairperson: Lindsay Edwards Trustees Rebecca Butcher Simon Beswarick Jenny Jury Shane King Josh Chandular-MacKay Staff Trustee Hayley McKnight Principal Elizabeth Schaw


News and notices

A newsletter is sent home every Thursday. Classroom teachers will send newsletters home at various times. Our facebook page shows current news and events, If you require more information, all copies of newsletters, updates, calendars and notices from classrooms are kept in the office.


Houses and mission groups

When children are enrolled at school they are allocated to a House. Mackillop (Mary) Aubert (Suzanne) Chanel (Peter) Douglas (Francis)