Curriculum, Moderation, Assessment, Achievement and Reporting Policy

Curriculum, Moderation, Assessment, Achievement and Reporting Policy


To meet the Board’s obligation to ensure student progress and achievement by providing:

Learning programmes which incorporate the New Zealand Curriculum and local curriculum aspirations, as set out in the school’s Charter

Learning programmes that meet and exceed the achievement of any of the school’s strategic aims, as set out in the Strategic Plan and Annual Plan

Assessment practices which enable student needs, student progress and student achievement to be evaluated, addressed, monitored and reported upon

Implementation, monitoring and reporting of teaching and learning strategies to successfully address the needs of all students as identified through robust, relevant assessment

Implementation, monitoring and reporting of teaching strategies and programmes of learning that will develop the individual potential and achievement of all students

To provide the opportunities, resources and support for students to develop values, knowledge, skills and key competencies, as and when appropriate, throughout each year level.

To ensure that the school curriculum encompasses the National Education Goals and is responsive to the MoE/government directed priority areas.


2 Delegations


  1. The Board requires the Principal to deploy staff of the school to identify student learning needs, through comprehensive relevant, rigorous and fair assessment practices, and address these needs to provide students with opportunities to develop their full potential.
  2. The Board requires the Principal to deploy staff of the school to develop and implement assessment for qualifications practice that is relevant, robust and fair; and that assessment practice, recording and reporting is managed is such a way to not disadvantage any student.
  3. The Board requires that the Principal undertakes 2.1 and 2.2 above in compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements and with appropriate consultation within and beyond the school and that the Principal shall comply with NAG 1, 2, 2A and 6 as well as ensuring that the National Education Goals are fully implemented in documentation and in practice.


3 Procedures

  1. The Board requires the Principal to develop curriculum, assessment, moderation, achievement and reporting Procedures for this policy and to table these for approval at the meeting following the enactment/review of the policy, or at any such other time as required by the Board.
  2. The procedures will meet all statutory, regulatory and contractual obligations of the Board in respect of these matters. Statutory obligations include but are not limited to:
    • Education Act 1989
    • Education Amendment Act (2) 1998
    • Education Standards Act 2001
    • Private Schools Conditional Integration Act 1975
  1. The procedures will include provision for presentation and reporting to the Education Review Office (ERO), Catholic Education Office and any other agencies as regulation requires.
  2. Procedures are provided, but not limited to, the following areas:
    • Student Progress and Achievement – Reporting to the Board of Trustees, parents and caregivers , community, and the MoE
    • National Standards in Reading, Writing and Mathematics
    • Curriculum planning, delivery, support and review
    • ICT in Teaching & Learning
    • Curriculum, Learning Areas reporting to Board of Trustees
    • Education Outside the Classroom
    • Gifted and Talented Students
    • Internet Safety
    • Literacy and Numeracy
    • Maori and Pacific Achievement
    • Career Education
    • Health Education
    • Special Needs Education
    • Extra-curricular sport, music, cultural activities
    • Students at risk of not achieving
    • Other priority groups as identified and notified in government policy


4 Accountability

The Principal (and/or their delegates) will:

  1. report regularly to the Board of Trustees, as requested and/or required by the Board, on all aspects of the curriculum, assessment processes, progress toward achievement targets and achievement outcomes data and results
  2. provide a relevant and robust report on individual student progress and achievement to parents, in written format,  at least twice per year
  3. assist the Board to report on student progress and achievement to relevant government agencies such as the MoE and ERO as required


5 Review


The policy will be reviewed in accordance with the Board’s regular review process.


This policy links to the school’s Mission, Values and Strategic Aims and NAGs 1, 2, (2A) and 6.


Ratified by St Anne’s Catholic School Board of Trustees


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