Personnel: staffing appointments and duties policy

Personnel: staffing appointments and duties policy


  • Rationale
  • To equitably meet the Board’s obligations to staff and to meet its professional, administrative and material responsibilities and to ensure capability to achieve the Board’s Strategic Plan.
  • Delegation
  • The Board shall have a delegated Personnel Appointments Sub-Committee as the need arises.


    1. The Board delegates the Principal and the Personnel Appointments Sub-Committee the responsibility in the appointment of senior management, DRS and leadership staff.
    2. The whole Board (or at its discretion and through its delegated Personnel Appointments Sub-Committee) will be responsible for the appointment of the Principal.
    3. The Board requires the Principal to allocate duties to staff to meet the curricular, extra-curricular, pastoral care and welfare, administrative, financial, material and human resource management needs of the school in meeting the Strategic Plan.
    4. The Board requires that the Principal develop systems to ensure that all personnel matters be undertaken in compliance with the principles of equal employment opportunities, all statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements and with appropriate consultation within and beyond the school.
    5. The Board requires that 2.2, 2.3,2.4,2.5 and 2.6 be undertaken in compliance with all statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements and in accordance with the principles of natural justice and the Principal shall comply with NAG 3.


  • Procedures
  • The Board requires the Principal to develop Personnel – Staff Appointments and Duties Procedures (in conjunction with the Personnel Appointments Sub-Committee) for this policy and to table these for approval, at the meeting following enactment/review of the policy or at any such other time as the Board requires.
  • The procedures will meet all statutory regulatory and contractual obligations of the Board in respect of these matters.  In particular, but not limited to, the following:


      1. Employment Relations Act
      2. State Sector Act
      3. Primary Principals’ Collective Agreement
      4. Primary Teachers’ Collective Agreement
      5. Support Staff in Schools Collective Agreement
      6. School Caretakers and Grounds persons Collective Agreement
      7. Assistants to Teachers of Students with Severe Disabilities and Special Education Assistants Collective Agreement
      8. Catholic Education Act
      9. Any other relevant collective or individual employment agreement
    1. The procedures will include provision for reporting to the Board as and when requested and/or required, and to other agencies as and when required.
    2. The following procedures will be developed for this policy:
      1. Appointment of staff
      2. Tagged position (Catholic education requirements)
      3. Allocation of duties to staff
      4. Staff Code of Conduct/Ethics
      5. Equal employment opportunities
      6. Teacher registration and employee vetting
      7. Professional development for Provisionally Registered Teachers
      8. Staff Leave of Absence
      9. Discretionary Leave
      10. (Concerns/Complaints Policy linked)
      11. Privacy of information; Protected disclosures
      12. Classroom release time
      13. Private Schools Conditional Integration Act 1975


  • Accountability


    1. The Principal will keep the Board regularly informed about staffing and personnel matters through the Principal’s Report to Board meetings.
    2. The Board’s Personnel Sub-Committee shall report to the Board as and when required.


  • Review


    1. This policy will be reviewed in accordance with the Board’s regular review process.
    2. This policy links to the school’s Mission, Values, Strategic Aims and NAG 3.

Ratified by St Anne’s Catholic School Board of Trustees



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