Planning, Self-review and Reporting Policy

Planning, Self-review and Reporting Policy


Planning, self-review and reporting enables the Board of Trustees to fulfill the mission of our school and enact our gospel values of excellence, aroha, service and courage in our role of stewards to our Catholic faith and community.


1 Rationale


  1. To focus on the strategic direction the school will take over both the shorter term (3 – 5 years) and the longer term (10+ years) and how that direction is to be achieved. Planning and self- review processes will:
    1. Consider research and identify the key strategic factors affecting education – globally, nationally, regionally and locally,
    2. Identify macro and micro environmental opportunities and threats,
    3. Include a bi-annual stakeholders’ survey, student/family and staff exit surveys/interviews, student voice captured through a range of means, and a comprehensive three year community consultation and charter review
    4. Provide a charter with vision/mission and values, a three year strategic plan outlining strategic aims/goals and an annual plan including specific student achievement and progress targets along with actions, timeframes and personnel resources to achieve the aims and targets.,
    5. Organise and allocate the personnel, property and financial resources required to make the strategic vision a successful reality
    6. Report to the school and wider community on the vision, on the plan and the progress made to achieve it


  1. Delegations
  1. The Board requires the Principal to deploy staff of the school to address school planning and self-review needs.
  2. The Board requires the Principal to develop systems to address school planning and self-review needs.
  3. The Board requires that the Principal undertakes 2.1 and 2.2 above in compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements and with appropriate consultation within and beyond the school and the Principal shall comply with NAG 1, 2, (2A), 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.
  4. The Board shall set the school’s Charter and Strategic Plan as required, and work with the Principal to ensure that the Board’s strategic intent is followed and achieved.
  5. The Board will have in place a Board Work Plan/Calendar and Board Review Schedule that will determine its own review processes and progress monitoring on an annual basis.
  6. The Board shall form a Strategic Planning and Self-Review Sub-Committee as required to lead Board planning and reporting, self-review and strategic planning.


3 Procedures


  1. The Board requires the Principal, in conjunction with the Board’s Strategic Planning and Self-Review sub-Committee, to develop planning, self-review and reporting procedures for this policy and to table these, for Board approval, at the meeting following enactment/review of the policy, or at any other such time as the Board determines.
  2. The procedures will include provision for reporting to the Board as requested and required and to other agencies as required.
  3. The following procedures, but not limited to, will be developed for this policy:
    1. Charter review, strategic planning and community consultation
    2. Bi-annual stakeholders surveys and exit surveys
    3. Annual Planning and target setting
    4. Charter and annual reporting (finance, analysis of variance etc) to MoE, Catholic Bishop of Palmerston North Diocese and other agencies including for auditing
    5. Reporting to parents/caregivers and the community
    6. Annual internal analysis of final audit
  4. Accountability
    1. The Principal shall provide the Board with a regular principal’s report and other such reports as requested by the Board that report self-review processes, progress monitoring, student achievement and the achievement of the Board’s strategic aims.
    2. The Board will operate through a clear workplan/calendar and performance self-review schedule summary to guide and report on its self-review processes.

5 Review

  1. This policy will be reviewed in accordance with the Board’s regular policy review process.
  2. This policy links to the school’s Mission, Values and Strategic Aims and to NAGs 2, 6, 7 and 8.


Policy ratified by St Anne’s Catholic School Board of Trustees 6 August 2018
Next review date May 2019